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Iwawa graduates urged to choose better


Young males graduated at Iwawa Rehabilitation and Vocational Skills Development Centre (IRVSDC) were urged to make better choice and avoid returning into drug abuse and delinquency they used to frequent before taking them to the centre.

IRVSDC is destined to rehabilitate young males addicted to drug abuse and other misconducts, then train them in vocational trainings to help them enter the labour market after graduation.

During 11th graduation ceremony of 946 males which took place yesterday, Kabanda, Chairman of Tabara Mubyeyi (TAMU), an association of parents who have children taken to Iwawa centre told graduates that parents are ready to integrate them but their peers who are still in drug abuse and delinquency are ready as well.

“It’s up to you to choose which society to join but we request you not to return in misconducts,” added Kabanda.

Nsengimana Jean Philbert, Minister for Youth and ICT who was the guest of honour in the event advised graduates to not make the same mistakes they made going into drug abuse and wrongdoings which lead them to Iwawa center whatsoever the temptation they will face, and tasked them to rescue their peers they left behind.

“It’s your responsibility to help your colleagues to abandon delinquency and drug abuse,” Minister Nsengimana to graduates.     

Munyantwali Alphonse, the Governor of Western Province asked graduates to approach local government institutions and work together to make use of the skills they acquired.

Iwawa centre trains former drug addicted and delinquent males in carpentry, construction and tailoring plus general knowledge in commercial agriculture and husbandry, traffic laws, motorcycle handling, ICT skills and literacy for those who didn’t manage to attend school at all.   

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