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IWAWA: Rwanda’s Prime Minister, Dr. Pierre Damien Habumuremyi for the 3rd graduation

Submitted by Damascene Murag... on Sat, 15/09/2012 - 7:52pm

The Iwawa rehabilitation and vocational skills development centre (IRVSDC) received the Prime Minister to their third graduation. He was accompanied by other government officials from the Ministry of Youth, Workforce Development Authority, other different institutions as well as district officials from different districts.

Prime Minister, Dr. Pierre Damien Habumuremyi giving certificate to graduates at WAWA this 15th sep 2012I

The Prime Minister began his visit by touring the IWAWA premises like dormitories, classrooms and workshops. He appreciated the achievement of the centre whose objectives are to empower youth with positive values and to develop hands on vocational training skills. The centre trains students in carpentry, tailoring, commercial farming and construction. Rehabilitation is the first component that the delinquent youth are introduced to upon entry in the centre to restore psychological behaviors and patriotism among youth.

Students busy in tailoring workshop

The centre provides a perfect blend of vocational, environmental, technical and soft skills to the trainees to prepare them become entrepreneurs ready to compete on the job markets. The career development services and quality training provided help the youth to outgrow the delinquency and assume productive roles in society. The production unit of the centre count 69 millions from their products sold which gives the hope that the centre will become self sustainable in few years.

The premier thanked all the stakeholders that have contributed to setting up and running IWAWA rehabilitation centre. He also urged students to train hard and use the oportunities given to them so that they come out as job creators not job seekers as well giving good recognition to their training center. He conguraturated the best performing students for the effort put in their studies. These students were awarded different gifts for in appreciation of their performance by giving them tools to be used while begining their careers as per the courses they graduated in at this centre. The tools included among others carpentry kit, sewing machines.

The Premier promised to give the IWAWA Rehabilitation Centre 20 cows which he said would be delivered to the centre very soon.

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