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The mission of the Ministry of youth and ICT is to "address national priorities for economic growth and poverty reduction through the development and coordination of national policies and programs related to youth empowerment as well as Information & Communication Technology policies and programs.



Through youth economic empowerment, MYICT has the the overall goal focusing on the following visions for both Youth and ICT sectors respectively.

1. The Vision for the Youth Sector

To meet the expectations of the Youth, the Ministry has developed a vision which aims at raising a HAPPi Generation. Here are quality of such generation:

  •     H: Healthy
  •     A: Attitude; Aptitude (skills, education)
  •     P: Patriotic
  •     P: Productive
  •     i: innovative

2. Vision for the ICT Sector

  •     To accelerate socio-economic development, improving productivity of the private sector and developing the growth of ICT.
  •     To foster ICT development and diffusion in the Rwandan Society and Economy.

The guiding principles that will help the ICT vision be attained are crystallized in the "SPREAD" acronym.

The meaning of each letter is summarized in the table below:

  •     S: Services; Solutions; Systems
  •     P: Private Sector–led; Partnerships; People-Centric
  •     R: Reliable; Rural; Regional Hub
  •     E: Enabler; Employment Generation; Entrepreneurship; Education
  •     A: Accessibility; Affordability
  •     D: Demand-driven
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